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BRUNOX LUB & COR 400ml Aerosol

RM 69.00

Brunox Lub & Cor Gun Care is a Hi-Tech product that preserves and lubricates at the same time


Brunox Lub & Cor Gun Care is a perfect product for sports shooters, hunters and gun collectors. Brunox Lub & Cor can be used to protect guns during transport, during storage and also for guns used only once a week for example..Lub & Cor can be used in all atmospheric conditions and in all climate zones because of the superior adhesion and good rust prevention properties.


Brunox Cor & Lub was specifically designed to protect guns and other metal objects against corrosion when stored for long periods. Tests have shown that guns protected with Lub & Cor will not rust when left in the open air (under a roof) for 12 months and for 6 months when left completely in the open. Rust prevention when stored inside is 3 years.


Brunox Lub & Cor coats the metal object with a thin film of oil 5-10 microns thick which does not harden. The film coating can be easily cleaned off with a rag. Lub & Cor is not just a preservative but also an excellent lubricant.


Brunox does not use Silicone, Teflon (PTFE) or graphite