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ESS RX Insert (spectacle insert)

RM 109.00

The ESS Vice™ Rx Lens Insert  features a metal and mono-filament  frame.  The end result is a lightweight, low-profile prescription integration that is compatible with numerous ESS ballistic eyeshields. 

After the lenses have been corrected by an optometrist, the Vice™ Rx Lens Insertsnaps into any of the following ESS products:

  • ESS Crossbow Eyeshield
  • ESS Crosshair Eyeshield
  • ESS Suppressor Eyeshield
  • ESS ICE Eyeshield
  • ESS ICE NARO Eyeshield
  • ESS Advancer V-12 Goggle (discontinued)

The Vice™ Rx Lens Insert accommodates a range of corrections to +/- 6